Band Bios

“There are so many stories in our band. We just can’t pick one. And in essence, that’s what Mercy Jones is, a collection of all of our pain and joy.” – Chris Nash & Jenny Zepp

chris 3 1Chris Nash (vocals & guitar): Uplifting and honest, Chris Nash has a signature blues style only he can play, with complex finger-picking and slide guitar. Nash’s vocal resonation is far reaching, emphasized by fine-tuned, melodic tones. Chris was originally discovered by John Hammond Sr., at the age of fourteen. He hitchhiked across country one year later, busking on Venice beach and Westwood Village, being discovered by Barry Josephson and represented by Gallin Morey Associates, as well as CAA. Chris had several publishing deals, was in popular film and TV, and his band was featured in Rolling Stone magazines, as well as other national publications.

Carol2   Carol McArthur (vocals & guitar): This singer/songwriter has “The Voice of an Angel,” which is also the title track to her solo album “How Good it Feels” featuring Dan Weinstein and Brad Kay. She has been performing in front of an audience since age six and has performed with the likes of Gerry Goffin, Barry Goldberg, The Bonedaddys, and many more. Her influences include Ella Fitzgerald, Kate Bush, The Beatles, Elton John, and Nina Simone, to name a few.

Allison1  Allison Whitfield (vocals & guitar): She started singing in clubs in Detroit, MI at age eleven years old, next to her father who sang with jazz greats Oscar Peterson and Clark Terry. Her childhood home was often visited by the likes of The Supremes, The Temptations and many others from Motown. Her first singing genre was jazz but throughout her teen years she began discovering R&B, pop, soft rock and soul. She’s worked with Donnie Woodruff from La Rue, Romona Ruffin, niece of David Ruffin, David Washington from Chapter 8, Clarence Eugene “Fuzzy” Haskins from Parliament, among others.

Perry                    Perry Ostrin (drums): Perry began drumming at age fifteen, further enhancing his studies at the Musician’s Institute, then earning his BFA from Cal Arts. He’s played in numerous known and unknown bands all throughout Los Angeles with styles ranging from melodic pop to acoustic hip hop soul. Perry has his own solo album “Better Than Planned,” consisting of solo drum pieces and group improvised jams. He’s toured with the great slide blues guitarist, Eric Sardinas, and has played with Doug Fieger from The Knack, and Tommy Mars from Frank Zappa, among others.

tom1Tom Camillo (bass): Originally from Buffalo, NY, Tom’s career began with regional touring in and around Denver and Boulder, CO. He’s played bass professionally in the styles of jam-band, R&B, neo-soul, jazz, funk, reggae, rock, and blues. In the last twenty years, Tom has played from 50 to 150 shows per year in and around California, Colorado, and New York. He has played with Napoleon Murphy Brock from Zappa, Cyril Neville from the Neville Brothers, Oteil and the Peacemakers from the Allman Brothers, Eric McFadden from P-Funk, and the Jerry Garcia Band featuring Melvin Seals, to name a few.

DaveDave Tops (guitar): He studied at New York University and then cut his chops in New York City playing blues, hard rock, heavy metal, and pretty much every other genre available to him. He’s known mostly for session work, playing live, as well as being a member of the band, Sez Who, out of New York. He has over twenty-five years of experience teaching children and adults song writing and guitar, and he also plays the mandolin.

jenny3   Jenny Zepp (vocals and harmonica): Adding another layer to Mercy Jones is the raw energy of Jenny Zepp, magnetizing their live shows. Even through she lights up the stage, writing is her main passion. Working with Chris Nash for several years, they have been able to create the lyrical messaging together, which centers on the angel of mercy, Mercy Jones, who is meant to raise the vibration of humanity through the sounds and words of the collective group.